Chet Holmgren is a monster in the making

7-0, 195 lbs

Gonzaga Freshman 4/5


The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Chet Holmgren is an enigma. The man is one of the weirdest prospects to watch. Chet has extreme measurements and impressive movement abilities to go along with incredible skill level. His ability to dominate his competition while being at a mere 195 pounds is unheard-of. To most draft heads his weight is a deterrent, a big yellow caution sign. To me, Chet’s weight is just a sign of things to come.

Size matters, weight doesn’t

Chet’s biggest “weakness” could actually be his biggest strength. Throughout his 2022 college basketball campaign Chet has dominated all talent he has gone against. What happens when he has years of NBA weight room experience to pair with his incredible length and skill? The answer is he will simply continue to do what he’s done in the past: dominate.

A lot of talk about Drew Timme and Chet’s competition level has dissuaded others from picking him. This is both un-fair and myopic. Chet played his role to near perfection and helped make Gonzaga a top team in the country heading into the NCAA tournament.

Chet’s an elite finisher at the rim, able to fully maximize his length for some incredible finishes with both touch and power. He shot a ridiculous 84% at the rim this year. This is a feat only outdone by(minimum 100 attempts) Anthony Davis, Jaxson Hayes, and Udoka Azubuike. His inside game is matched by his ability to space the floor and shoot a whopping 39% from three-point range(minimum 100 attempts). The only other centers to do that were Frank Kaminsky and Lauri Markannen. This man is the real deal.

He’s more than just offense

Put all the offense aside, Chet is the best rim protector in college ball. Drew Timme pushed Chet out from exclusively guarding the paint. This forced Chet to grow his game. Chet is an expert at tracking the ball. This allows him to quickly decide on which shots he’s able to get to and when to box out. While his feet are slow he can flip his hips and stay in the play, using his length to alter any shots from behind. 

Holmgren fills the Rockets’ biggest hole of paint defense and will not demand a ton of usage on offense on a roster full of guys who need the ball in their hands. He will spread the floor for for our playmakers while adding a new dimension as a lob threat. His ability to be a connective passer will keep defenses constantly guessing what is coming next. Chet would also cover up the Rockets’ lack of size in the froncourt while not schematically limiting them. Unlike other bigs in the draft, Chet could also show a similar give-and-take he has with Timme with Alperin Sengun.

Chet is the guy for the Rockets to target in this draft. If you are looking to draft out of fit, Chet is your man. If you are looking to draft out of talent, Chet is still your man. This man is not Bol Bol, he’s more than that, he is the complete package.

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